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Corporate Social Responsibility


As the transition of enterprise, conserve energy and higher awareness of environment concerns raising and raising in Taiwan, the corporation aggressively fulfills the social responsibility, takes it as an important link of the internal operation, also, successfully implemented ISO 9001 in October, 2003; in addition, works will be positively influential on social issues such as protection of environment, energy, transparency of operation and labor's welfare. In the future, we will further fulfill more rigorous standards for internal management, and to found another milestone of Taiwan Nanotechnology Corporation.


The Corporation commits to comply with all legal provisions and lays emphasis on the realization of corporate social responsibility by the following specific aspects:

►  Responsibility to partners-Make the use of the corporate resources and the results completely public in detail to our partners. Elevate the interest of our partners by decreasing costs and increasing profits.

►  Responsibility to employees-Recognize employees and focus on the issue of human resource. Enhance their rights and guarantee for jobs by improving work environment, also carry out for specific trainings to engage and motivate good workers.

►  Responsibility to customers and suppliers-Offer our customers high quality products and services at reasonable price. Take immediate measures to deal with customer’s complaints, provide complete and correct information of products and maintain good relationship with suppliers.

►  Responsibility to the society-Take initiatives in trying hard to promote social justice, maintain the environment and support social and cultural activities, such as environmental protection activities, water and air pollution control or sponsorship for cultural and artistic activities.